This slideshow features some of the many commissioned paintings I have had the pleasure of doing over the past decade.

I love, love, love doing commission pieces. It is a thoroughly enjoyable process which results in a very special work of art that captures all that is special to you.

This painting was commissioned as a an 18th birthday present for a lovely young woman named Chelsea. I met with her parents over a cup of coffee to talk about the process and get a feel for what it was they had in mind. We looked at some photos that were special to them and they had also made up a list of important things in CheIsea's life. In the early stages, we had time for forgotten things to be added, either sent by email or late night texts. This painting was not ordered early enough to have it completed for Chelsea's actual birthday, so we planned to bring her to my studio on her birthday as a bit of a mystery tour to view the unfinished painting that was still on the easel. The plan worked perfectly and she had no idea where she was going. What a surprise it was!

'Dieudonne' a beautiful property in Harrietville, Victoria, was the subject of a commissioned painting done purely from a distance. The owners live in NSW therefore I did not have the opportunity to meet them. We did however discuss concepts and key elements in detail over the phone and via emails to ensure the finished artwork captured all of their fondest moments and memories. Not only do they have a very personal piece of art, I was also able to make gift cards which they use as thank you cards for guests who stay at Dieudonne. It makes their stay just that little bit more special. If I am ever in Harrietville, I certainly know where I will be choosing to stay!

Valhalla ice cream, yum, yum, yum! I had a lot of fun with this piece. The guidelines were to incorporate the Valhalla business, Hobart and the owner's house all in the one painting. This was a bit challenging as, geographically, none of these three places were in the same area. In fact, his house was about 23 kilometres from his business. So I did what I often do in my paintings, and that is to significantly twist and rearrange the landscape whilst still creating the illusion that it is accurate. Salamanca Place is the  centre of the arts in Hobart, therefore, I decided to feature his house as miniature paintings within the painting. There are representations of his children and his grandchildren, bits and bobs to do with his business and all sorts of Tasmanian memories.......a real look and discover kind of painting. One of the real perks of this commission was all the free ice-cream!

If you think you might like to have your 'something special' captured in a piece of art....then I'm your girl. Simply get in touch and we will go from there.


© 2021 Esther Shohet

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