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I thoroughly enjoy doing commission pieces. It gives me great pleasure working with people to create a very special and personal work of art that captures not only places, but memories of a life.

It all starts with a list. Clients give me a list of everything and anything that they would like to see in the painting. They supply photos that may be of use, particularly if it is people or pets. If they live locally, I visit the property or place and take my own photos. If photos are not available, I will do my own research. I then go to work creating an artwork that captures a moment in someone's life. Concept sketches are shown and there are regular updates and communications along the way to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Please note that I scribbled pink love hearts over people's faces in these images to protect their privacy.

Summer Holidays. Custom Commission Painting. Digital Painting


Commissioned by a family who do not live in Tasmania, but spent time in the North West. They have lots of fond memories of their time in Penguin, so what better way to keep those memories alive.

Celebrating 70. Custom Commission Painting. Digital Painting


This was painted as a 70th birthday present for one lucky man, although I must say that artworks like this are more like a present for the whole family. Every little piece of this painting has some meaning to the owner.

Consider a list of your special moments and imagine them in a very personalised piece of art for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Our London Life. Custom Commission Painting. Digital Painting


This was a gift from a husband to his wife to capture all their memorable moments whilst living in London for several years. Everything...and I mean everything, has meaning... the places they lived and visited, bus and train routes, the time on the clocks (set at the time of birth of their daughter), personalised advertisements at Piccadilly Circus, the flags representing all the countries they visited and the list goes on.

Her husband brought her to my studio on her birthday on a kind of mystery tour where the painting was unveiled.

The perfect surprise gift!


Happy childhood memories of  growing up in Penguin, Tasmania were the theme of this painting. It was commissioned by one family member as a present for herself and as a surprise present for her siblings. It focuses on the fun times they had and the freedoms of growing up in the 60's and 70's, It also represents the strong emotional bond of this family with particular emphasis on the parents. Once again, this started with a list of significant things. We worked closely together to create this very special and memorable piece of art. The family members were also able to get prints to hang in their own homes.

Unveiled as a Christmas surprise!

Happy Dazeley Days. Custom Commission Painting. Digital Painting

'60 NOT OUT'

Set in country Victoria, this piece was presented as a 60th birthday gift to a man from his wife and children.  

A builder by trade, it depicts houses he has built in the area, the past and present family homes, his involvement in sports, his love for the Beatles and Meatloaf and this is just to name a few. I have  bordered it with native flora that is abundant in the area.

The artwork was created remotely with the help of references supplied by the family, video messaging, emails and some research of this part of Victoria.

A lovely gift to keep all those memories alive!

If you think you might like to have your 'something special' captured in a piece of art simply get in touch and we will go from there.

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